Dr Nick Palmerley is a General Practitioner specialising in nothing in particular in a large North Yorkshire practice.

After an early life in the slums of urban Lancashire, Nick escaped the smoke to the wide open countryside of East London where he undertook a course in Beauty Therapy & Sensual Massage.  Graduating from The University of North North East London with an upper second he took up a senior post in the Department of Health managing the General Practitioner Discreditation Directorate.  When an irate GP telephoned Nick to say: “If you think it’s so easy doing my job, why don’t you go to medical school and try it yourself you lazy, good-for-nothing b….” he decided he would.

Today, Nick lives in North Yorkshire with his German Shepherd called Jack who is soft, furry, playful and gorgeous and his partner.  He has recently discovered that he has too much time on his hands and has started blogging.

Do leave comments.  He loves to read them.  Here are some recent examples:


This idiot should be taken outside and shot – The Daily Mail

What’s the password to your voicemail? – The News of The World

Should become a classic – the funniest thing I’ve read in minutes – Stephen Fry



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